A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In this demo, you play as a wizard Oin in search of missing pages to complete a mission that has been entrusted to him. Along the way, you will meet several powerful foes that will stand in your but it's up to you to rise to the challenge. There are 3 main missions with one major boss battle.


WASD to Move

Right Click to Melee, Left Click to Shoot

Space to Jump, V to Dash to mouse position, B to Block, Q to Change Weapons.

C to Heal or Reduce Cooldown

This is not the final product and I'm looking forward to hearing any feedback or criticisms about the game so I can address in future demos of the game.

Updated Build:

Changes include ability to dash to mouse position, faster dialog text, reduce screen shake, ui boss fight fix, not longer can get stuck in fluffy on teleport, enemies do less damage, and small adjustments to gravity to make game flow better. 

Updated Build #2:

Changes include easier tutorial level, less damage from enemies, faster player movement, and fluffy is no longer OP.


Linux.zip 82 MB
Mac OS X.zip 66 MB
Windows x86.zip 66 MB
Windows x86_64.zip 68 MB


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Hello! I'll be writing this as I play:

  • I like the menu
  • The cursor looks cool although it's a bit hard to track and feels sluggish. Based on my experience doing something similar, it's not actually input lag but the trail makes it feel that way. Keep the trail, but have something more noticeable at the actual cursor position. Perhaps a single particle of a similar but more noticeable colour would work well here.
  • Text speed is a bit slow, also it would be handy if clicking or pressing a key would skip to when the text is done being written.
  • Hovering over menu buttons fast interrupts its own sound if it didn't finish playing. Perhaps either make sure the audio source is done playing, so that it doesn't make the sound effect when you hover again unless the previous one is done, or use audio.PlayOneShot() which will play the sound without interrupting the previous one. Whichever one sounds better in your opinion :) Little nit-picky but it's something that I noticed. Certainly not a priority issue but it's an easy fix.
  • Cute character with cool scarf
  • Music is nice and fits the mood.
  • Space for jump would be more comfortable imo.
  • You can get inside the wall by dashing towards it from where my cursor is. You can dash out of it though.
  • Nice effect when you kill your bat lad
  • Not really sure what I'm supposed to do after killing him though. Is that the end of the level? There's more on the minimap but I can't reach it. 
  • I do like the animated background though.
  • Oh, never mind, holding W or S makes you dash up or down. I think that should be clarified unless I'm blind and it already is.
  • I like that the music changes when you are in combat.
  • The screen shake when attacking is a bit strong/disorienting, I'd tone it down a bit. The camera stopping and then moving harshly after a hit is jarring.
  • Got stuck inside a fluffy when I teleported into him and proceeded to die. I think enemies should push you out of them.
  • Overall combat feels a bit weird, I don't know where to go and how to get there. I tried dashing through enemies but it didn't work out for me since they'd just catch up to me almost instantly. I end up getting cornered. I feel like I'm not getting something lol. If enemies, at least the introductory ones, would step back for a moment after hitting you, I think that would give the player more options as to movement and such in confined spaces.
  • Blocking makes things a bit easier but it isn't introduced, or if it is then not early enough.
  • It's late for me and I can't get past the spikes so I'll call it a day at this point.

Overall, I think there is some really nice attention to detail in the game like the scarf and the background. However, a lot of the controls feel clunky and there is a lot of time when the user is not in control. Things like text scrolling, doors opening, and especially after taking damage take away too much control from the player. Of course I'm extremely new to this game so you may disagree, but in reality everybody will be new to the game. I think you should get as much feedback as possible, ask friends etc, and don't just listen to me of course. But I'm confident that there will be a lot of overlap within user consensus and those are the things which you should really focus on. I think this can be a really fun experience if the character would be more responsive and movement more refined. For example, if dashing would teleport you to your cursor (as somebody else mentioned), up to a limited distance. Also if you would preserve your momentum and if it were snappier. Of course these are big changes at this point but in my opinion, it would make it a lot more fun if there was more flow to how you interacted with the world.

Hope you found this useful and sorry for not going all the way through it, the pillows are calling me. Good luck with your game!

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Thanks for playing and the feedback, I agree with your feedback about the game. I appreciate you for being honest about it. I hope you can complete the demo and tell what you think when you completely finished all 3 levels. I will look into making changes to improve those areas.  I don't plan to release the game anytime soon so it's not too late to make changes.


Not a bad game. Just have some hard time moving forward with D when I wanted to jump at the same time or teleport in that directions. Might want to find an alternative to the jump and teleport keys maybe? 

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Thanks Kimmienin for the feedback, I'll rethink the control scheme and add in customizable controls in future. What finger are you using for jump and dash. I normally play with 3 or 4 fingers on WASD and thumb alternating between jump (C) , teleport (V) , block (B), and Heal (space).


I used 4 fingers mostly for movement (A,S,W,D). I mostly used my thumb for space bar but that's because I'm more used to mmo games and other different pc games that is more 3D than 2D side scroller. So it could be that I'm more used to that. But just an idea, since you have the mouse as a controller/aim... you could use the direction of the mouse to teleport in that direction instead of like using the directions keys (A,W,S,D) as the direction then hitting (V). 

That's a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it and see how it works.